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Password requires 6 to 8 combination of letters of the alphabet and numbers. As the letter of the alphabet, it's case sensitive. For security purposes, the service will be locked out after three fault attempts.User who do not use Netbank service over 1 year must bring the Identification and personal seal to go to the branch to reapply user password or login Megabank's WebATM System with your ATM Card to reset your Netbank's PIN.
Username requires 6 to 10 characters of alphabet or numbers(alphabet does not be distinguished with capital and small).
Keep your Log-In information confidential. Please do not reveal or give your User ID, password, one-time password token, XML certificate and password to the third party or store your personal and sensitive information in the cloud, and keep your User ID, password and data of certificate vehicles confidentially.
Non-prearranged Transfer must use Onetime Password Card or XML certificate (Smart Card type) security mechanism.
Dear customer, here to remind you that you link to our Internet Banking service from external website (), we recommend you to add our website to “My Favorite”. In the future, please select our Internet Banking link from “My Favorite” to login and use our service. Please avoid linking to our Internet Banking service from external website for protecting your online transactions security.
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